Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 26 - 32: The rest of Women's Health Rotation

We started N200 today and I've come to the realization that it will be impossible to keep up with my goal of writing about each week of nursing school.  I was really busy this summer being a musician.  I traveled and toured parts of South Carolina and Florida.  With the 3rd semester of nursing school heading into full swing, it has become much more important to focus on finishing this program.  But I do want to finish talking about N150.  Just a couple sentences about each week.  No frills and no pictures.  Sorry!

Week 26:  Males Nurses Don't Belong in the Postpartum Unit.
I think I showed up late for class on Monday because I woke up late.  I went clinicals.  I went to lab. That's all I believe.  I wish I had more pictures as well, but my camera broke on the trip to the NSNA Annual Convention.

Week 27:  Exam 1 went well.
If I remember correctly, I got my first A of the semester. Yay me!

Week 28:  I really don't remember what happened this week.

Week 29: The 3rd Annual Nursing Research Conference
This big event of this week was going to a little nursing conference for one of our community health leadership requirements.  Instead of going to school, we instead went to Long Beach Memorial Medical Center for the conference.  At times the information was over my head, but thankfully I didn't have to drive very far.  I literally live 3 minutes from the hospital.

The Collaborative Efforts of Healthcare.
While studying at the Huntington Beach Library this week, I had a little conversation with a med student who is currently going to NYU School of Medicine.  She was in town studying for the boards (good luck to you).  She was very interested in what we learn as nurses and how we are trained.  She wanted to learn nursing skills but her program does not offer that.  I found it very interesting that they have no training on how to put an IV in (I'm sure they get that training eventually) or how to use the pumps. Things that are a focus for us aren't a focus for physician training (at least her training).  Likewise, we don't have the theoretical training to diagnose a patient illness, when physician's do.  Healthcare, for better or worse, is going to continue to be collaborative.  To save patient lives cannot solely be done by nurses, and likewise doctors need nurses to manage the care of the patient.

Week 30:  I might just become a NICU nurse one day.
I've learned that I enjoy taking care of babies.  I loved the 2 weeks I was in the nursery.  It was slow at times, but the babies were cute.  I don't picture myself working as a nursery nurse (if you're the mother, do you really want a male nurse teaching you how to get the baby to latch onto your nipple? Lol, I'm sure you don't), but the NICU (aka Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) looked like a place I can seem myself someday.  

Week 31: Labor and Delivery
Wow, definitely a great experience to see babies being born.  I don't know how some of these mothers go through labor without an epidural.  It's insane.

Week 32:  Survived the ELIMINATION round!
After all the troubles encountered this semester, waiting for the results for the last exam was extremely nerve-racking.  But I knew I was going to N200 and I knew I was going to do well on this last exam.  In the end, the elimination round didn't eliminate me.  Onward to N200!!!!

1/2 of a RN. 1/2 of this project completed.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week 25: Spring Break over already? At least I'm going to Salt Lake City.

Shall I Continue?
I know its been awhile, but when it came down between studying and blogging, studying won. I don't know if I'll remember everything, or be able to make every single week sound interesting, but I'm going to try.  You want me to continue writing this things right?

If you haven't read week 24, click here.

The Switch
This week marked the shift from Med/Surg to Women's Health (or for those unfortunate to be on the other side, Women's Health to Med/Surg)  If you haven't read my week 17 entry (which you should be ashamed of), I talk about how the class is organized this semester.  Go back here.  For me, the switch couldn't of happened at a better time.  I found Med/Surg to be stressful, and I wanted nursing school to feel like rainbows and skittles again.  The impression I got from the other half of class is that Women's Health is pretty straight forward.  Hopefully that's the case.  The first week back meant being on campus a lot more.  However, I only had to be on-campus only 2 days.

59th Annual National Student Nurses' Association Convention, Salt Lake City, Utah.
As stated above, I was on-campus for only 2 days this week because I had the privilege of attending the National Student Nurses' Association Convention in SLC.  We left Tuesday evening after class and came back early Sunday morning.   I volunteered myself and my friend Caitlin (hahaha, sucka!) to represent GWC in the House of Delegates.  That meant our schedule was pretty crazy and there was so much to do.  There so much I could write about the experience, but it was a lot of fun.  These pictures will just have to do.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 24: Peace Out Med/Surg, I'm off to Women's Health!

It's Friday and I'm a little burnt out from writing these.  I started the week with a crappy entry and I'll end the week with a crappy entry.  If you haven't read Week 23, click here to go back to it.  It's an entry that I'm quite proud of and probably the best one of the week, maybe.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week 23: No Rest for the Weak and Weary

This was by far one of the most demanding weeks (in terms of finding time) I've had in a very long time.  As I have been saying, we have so much to do.  Looking back, I wonder how I managed to get through it all.  After 23 week of nursing school, I've realized that in nursing, nothing goes according to plan.  Things happen to cause delay and extra work.  I've learned to manage the stress (although my blood pressure has been a bit elevated for awhile now), keep my cool, and get everything done.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 22: To drink or not to drink?

Week 21 Addendum
I was reminded of something I did during Week 21.  I added it to yesterday entry. Click here to read about it (it will be in blue italics).

The Joys of a 12-hour Study Session
Exam #2 was some meaty stuff.  Fluid and Electrolytes was a beast that meant a lot of studying to get the understanding down.  12 hours went by fast.  My brain and my sanity also suffered.  We studied at this nice quaint little coffeehouse called Cobantigua that's located at Old World Village in Huntington Beach.  The perk of this place is that there's always room to study and it's a little hidden gem behind Bella Terra.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 20: Where did I leave off?

Sigh, I've been MIA
I took quite an extensive break from writing my blog.  If you are a nursing student, you can probably understand.  If you are N150 nursing student who happens to be in the med/surg rotation with me, you really understand why I took a long break.  So why do you ask?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 19: Week 3 Can Kiss My A**

I hated this week. Nothing went right. I HATE Valentine's Day!!! (I really don't hate it.  There's really a purpose for it when couple's should be doing special things for each other consistently throughout the year).  Everyone has these moments and it was my turn to experience all the crap that crap sh*t's on.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 18: There's No Such Thing As "Me Time" Anymore

There's so much to do, that I couldn't capture my whole schedule in one screenshot.
I showed you all what my class schedule looked like.  This week, I thought I'd show you how a week normally looks for me when I add everything that I do.  90% of my time is dedicated to Nursing School, 5% dedicated to work, and the other 5% dedicated to fun (clearly I don't have time for sleep).  It's been a bit overwhelming, but that little bit of fun that I do have has kept me from really going crazy.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 17: N150, 2nd Semester, The ELIMINATION round!

It's Good to Be Back
It's been over a month since my last entry.  I had intended writing a Week 16.5 entry (where I would write about stuff that happened during the break, such as my fall down a mountain), but I got lazy.  I had intended to write the Week 17 entry when it was Week 17, but I got busy.  Being busy is not going to change this semester and I can no longer being able to produce entries in a regular fashion.  I'm motivated to this project.  There will be an entry for each week, but I may not be able to produce the same detail as I have in the past. I'm already finished with the 3rd week of school and I'm just posting the 1st entry.